Lenox Park C.O.P.S. Program

COPS stands for Community Oriented Police Services and is a project of the Gwinnett County Police Department's Crime Prevention Unit.  The project goes beyond a Neighborhood Watch program.  Benefits include: learning techniques that will minimize the chance of you or your family becoming a victim of a crime, learning how to recognize problems in your community and developing ideas to solve specific problems, getting to know your neighbors so that unusual activity will be noticed and reported and establishing a relationship between your neighborhood and the police department.  The COPS project is a proven program that reduces the likelihood of crime in our neighborhood.  We are now a part of a police/community partnership that includes over 150 neighborhoods in Gwinnett County.
Lenox Park, by becoming a member of the Gwinnett COPS Community, is now receiving training from specialized officers, knowledge to effectively deal with neighborhood problems, the COPS sign in the front of our neighborhood, a personal relationship with our Police Department and specialized patrols from the Crime Prevention Unit.  We have already had our Introductory Training Session as well as our Block Captain Orientation.  We will be participating in other specialized training opportunities throughout the year as well as the annual COPS Festival.
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For more information about the C.O.P.S. Program, please contact Alex Campbell at (770) 932-6722 or alex@campbellarchitects.net.